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 Luxe Mont is one of the major players in the real estate sector. With more than five decades in the business, we have made the name Luxe Mont very much synonymous in the real estate sector. We provide wholesome solutions with unparalleled quality that makes us exceptional in every aspect. We have also partnered with a company striving to outweigh the rest as being one of the leading house buyers in the UK – Hassle-Free Home Sales.

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Here are some of our recent works that reflects our quality and workmanship.

Renovated Home

Giving a makeover is not a simple task. With the requirements of our clients in mind and with the expertise of staff, we are able to provide the perfect renovation for any property.

Villa Bastilicata Grande

The mantra of not be stagnant and to innovate constantly is the main reason why we are able to come with some exceptional work like Villa Basilicata Grande.

Southern Lake Villa

The lakefront properties always have its own charm. The result of sheer handwork and expertise in the field is reflected in every aspect.

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What is the importance of a good roof

Roofs of our houses play an important role in providing the correct headspace, area and impact from the type of climate we live in. Every climate has an alternate type of roof which is ideal for its conditions, to comprehend these conditions and fabricate the fitting roof type with the suitable material is critical for a happy with living. High-winds, heavy rainstorms and snow storms, High temperatures of heat have affected different places all over the world in recent times and it is very important to be thoughtful about the kind of roof we chose in this kind of extreme weather conditions.

 rain storms

First off, it is vital that a wide range of roofs keep out dampness so as to not destroy your dividers and shield your roof from spilling. The measure of dampness can likewise influence the building’s structure and dividers, making it a precarious working to dwell in.

Another quality of roof that has to be considered is that the roof should be energy efficient. For instance, in zones with high snowfall and outrageous winters the roof ought to have the capacity to trap warm inside the house to guarantee that the general population inside the house are kept warm, without a high utilization of radiators and power.

Houses are one of the biggest investments in one’s life and roofs ensure that your highly-invested home stays healthy. This can be done by a regular maintenance of the roof and ensuring that the roof does not have any gaps or leaky corner in any part.

A solid and working roof builds your home estimation and includes as an esteem including factor when your home is set up for resale or rent. These days, it has been observed that roofs are considered as the selling point for homes.


Roofs also add beauty to your house. There are a few types of roofs, and a house will appear to be fragmented if the correct type of roof isn’t picked. Utilizing of delightful and solid materials to construct these distinctive types of roofs can give your home the edge you need it to have.

It is additionally essential to know when to supplant your roof in light of the fact that a postponement in this may influence the entire structure of your home. There are many signs that can indicate that your roof needs repair or change. Some of them are-

  • Missing or damaged shingles- If there is a missing, damaged or broken shingle; make sure to get it fixed before it causes any damage.
  • Light enters the best floor or gap in the roof-A gap in the roof may prompt the annihilation of having a roof all in all, particularly set up with extraordinary climate conditions, as roof assumes an essential part in controlling those climate conditions at home.

Our partners, Hassle-Free Home Sales are leading house buyers in the UK who would renovate your roof completely free of charge before selling.